I am not your Christian.

And if you can relate, then this blog is for you.

How do you travel through all of the valleys and haunts presented by a modern world? By doing what Jesus said, while holding onto Him for dear life. Everything found here is a reflection of that journey, both the stories and the lessons learned. 

What is my orthodoxy? That’s the wrong question: I am an orthopraxic disciple, not an orthodox disciple. My orthodoxy is informed by my orthopraxy, which I describe elsewhere.

It’s amazing how much traditional orthodoxy aligns with orthopraxy. What differentiates the orthodox from myself (and those like me) is our source: whereas they know from reading, I know from practice, while submitting both (orthodoxy and orthopraxy) to the feet of my Father. 

Is it possible to walk The Way as Jesus described it in a modern world? Yes, but not unless you are willing to undergo the radical transformation He described.

Many among the orthodox faiths are not willing. I am their foil; a contrast, speaking from practice over study. If you only read this blog without practicing, you gain nothing. 

But if you are an orthopraxic disciple, it is my hope that something written here encourages you in some way, no matter how small. This blog is my gift at His altar, a gift that I trust He will use for all who need it.  

And, if you want to stick around to encourage others, you are more than welcome. The orthopraxic know one thing above almost all else. 

There aren’t enough of us. 

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